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“Masterplan” growing into “Monster Plan” – Sealing of Fitness Centres in Delhi

Don’t get confused with the name, because this Monst... Read More >>

Welcome Demotivation, if you say “NO” to Personal Training in Gym.

Everything seems to be Blurry with the above Title, but it’s not. Let us clear the picture by dis... Read More >>

Trainers! Stop Purchasing Certificates instead Get Certified!

In the new air of Fitness Industry where Gyms and Fitness Centres have kept the Certification Criteria mandatory for Fi... Read More >>

A Well-Developed Physique does not Grant You Permission to be a Personal Trainer !

Personal Trainer refers to an educated person who has sufficient knowledge of Anatomy, Physiolog... Read More >>

Personal Training Course in Hindi

Whether it's India or any other country, English is the language of Business, Technology, Science, Co... Read More >>

Yoga Prevents Injuries and Can Cause Injuries!

The benefit of Yoga is not a matter to boast about, the major area of the concern is to put the li... Read More >>