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Overview of Master Personal Trainer Course:

If You Apply for (MPT) Master Personal Trainer Certification Course, You will be designated as LEVEL 6 Master Personal Trainer.  You will also get Certification in Personal Training (CPT) complimentary. Once you are MPT certified, You gain in depth knowledge of prescribing special exercises to the client along with the skills of assistance given to them.

In addition, you will study various parts of Anatomy (bones and muscles), Physiology, Biomechanics, Energy systems and Nutrition to be applied to specific gender or client depending upon the outcome of the Assessment you would get and the goals a client is looking for.

Master Personal Trainer Certification Course

Benefits of Our Master Personal Trainer Certification Course:

A Master Trainer keeps a thorough knowledge of Kinesiology to be applied in various compound & Isolation Exercises which has to be provided to the client for a specific goal to be achieved in an ethical manner. You will also inculcate various CrossFit exercises such as snatch, clean & jerk etc.

A Master Trainer trains people from various backgrounds such as doctors, lawyers, engineers and specially those who are dealing with high blood pressure, diabetes and back pain.

It becomes easy for you to pursue a Career in Power lifting movements ahead.

Remember, If a trainer is not educated in his/her field, the condition of the client might worsen as each and every exercise has a specific technique, reason and variation which has to be prescribed to the client depending upon the assessment done.

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USP of Master Personal Training Certification Program:

If you decide to be a part of Fitness Cravers Academy and Join our Master Personal Trainer (MPT) course, you will have the following benefits: