Certificate in Personal Training (CPT) Course

( Accredited Internationally by Continuing Professional Development (CPD) , U.K )

Become a Certified Personal Training Expert through the CPT course offered by Fitness Cravers Academy (FCA). Personal Trainers are required almost in every field now and by people from wide range of backgrounds and Professions. Nothing can be better for an aspiring Personal Training Expert than getting Certified by The Council of Skill Development and get a job placement assistance upon the completion of the course.
Certification from The Council of Skill Development

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Programme Overview

All the Fitness Cravers Academy (FCA) Programmes are designed and designated for the general as well as for the professionals looking to rise and pursue their career in fitness industry. FCA courses provide all the relative knowledge about exercises in sports, strength & conditioning, nutrition, yoga and various other fields. People who are fitness freaks and looking forward to learn more about the gym essentials can apply in FCA as a delegate/student for the best knowledge about it.

Eligibility: SSC (10th) pass or minimum experience of 1 year in the relevant field. There must be at least one of the above criteria fulfilled to enrol for FCA Courses. By any chance if a student fails to fulfill the above eligibility criteria for enrollment, FCA will not give admission to such a candidate.

Duration: 3-6 Months

After successful completion of the course, the students will
(i) Awarded with the certification which will be approved by the Continuing Professional Development, United Kingdom, an Autonomous accreditation body which provides accreditation to the courses on International Guidelines (Internationally) which makes the course Internationally approved.
(ii) Earn a certification from the Council of Skill Development helping the students to get the government recognition.
(iii) Assistance from the FCA Placement cell. This cell will assist students in getting suitable jobs with effective salaries. Through the placement cell our students get 100% job placement assistance lifetime thereby securing their future after becoming a FCA Certified Professional.

Top Skills you will learn in Fitness Cravers Academy

  • It is a surprise for you that you will have all the knowledge related to basic nutrition, sports related specific nutrition, Anatomy, physiology, exercise science etc.. You will be able to master all the correct biomechanical techniques related to gym exercises, conditioning by continuous rehearsals, and practicing it along with your lecturer.
  • FCA aims at improvising your communication with the client whether it is Hindi or English so that you gain confidence to stand within the market along with the other competitors.
  • Personality development is also the main area of focus in all FCA courses so that a Personal Trainer or the Exercise Professional can understand the basic etiquette of greetings, dressing up, hygiene, maintenance of gym/ health club etc.. which makes the client or the employer even more comfortable in hiring them.
  • Finally, It is all about skill and career development of the individuals who are looking to pursue their career in fitness industry as a professional.

What you will learn:


  • Key Terms related to Nutrition and exercise
  • Balanced nutrition and Metabolism
  • Introduction to Components of Food
  • Definition and Types of Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins with examples
  • Definition and Types of Vitamins and Minerals with examples
  • Importance of Hydration and Electrolytes related to exercises
  • Introduction to energy system of our body, ATP-CP system
  • Carbohydrate supplements
  • Calories in common foods and beverages
  • Different body types and Preparation of Diet Chart and much more..

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Introduction to term Anatomy and Physiology
  • Structure of a human cell and its components
  • Levels of Organisation
  • Anatomical position and Directional Terms
  • Naming of Body movements with illustration
  • Planes of motion
  • Systems of the body
  • Introduction to skeletal system and related key terms
  • Naming of bones, Axial and Appendicular skeleton and Function
  • Joints of our body and Five types of bones and much more..

Biomechnical Principles in Human Body

  • Biomechanics and its parts
  • Key terms related to biomachanical principles in human body
  • Law of Gravity with relation to exercises
  • Factors important for Balance and Stability

Skeletal Muscle and its Theory

  • Structure of Skeletal Muscle and Sliding Filament Theory
  • Types of Muscle Tissue
  • Types of Muscle Contraction
  • Introduction to Muscle Fibers
  • Muscle and movement


  • Posture and Natural curves of human body
  • Ideal posture from different views
  • Postural deformities i.e. kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis


  • Fitness & Components of Fitness
  • Introduction to Cardiorespiratory Endurance
  • SMART and FITT-VP Principles of Fitness
  • Energy system used during exercise
  • Acute and Chronic training response to aerobic exercise
  • Hormonal response to exercise
  • Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion
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About Fitness Cravers

Real world experience is usually the best teacher and our team has learnt from it that the best miracle drug in this world is Exercise. Physical instructors and Physical therapists of Fitness Cravers administer various forms of exercises for continuously improving the quality of the daily life of each individual.
Personal fitness instructors design exercise programs and help their clients execute them to maintain or improve health while physical therapists diagnose, treat and manage pain, injuries and diseases. Fitness trainers often encounter clients with existing difficulties, such as severe back pain, diabetes etc. and therefore exercises are planned keeping in mind the role of both fitness and medicine by our team of experts.
Fitness Cravers is not only determined to provide you a good healthy general body or a particular physique you always desired for but also the peace of mind you have been seeking since ages. We provide individual counselling to attain a particular form of happiness, adjusting to life situation, finding self-determined solution for your problem or in short self-actualization. Our counsellor will always advice you, especially on personal problems.


The Fitness Cravers Advantage

As soon as the student enrolls, he/she will get a personalized student portal with all the customized video lectures of the classes, PDFs of the course material and practice quizzes to keep them updated in the field of fitness for free. As a family member of FCA, students will get an exclusive lifetime advantage of attending ongoing lectures or batches even after the completion of the course so that they can be aware of the recent trends going on in their respective field. Our main motive is to provide the bundle of knowledge to the students so they can feel confident and secure as a Fitness Professional or Personal trainer.
400+ Hours of content
24 Theory & 10 Practical Lectures
Internship in Branded Health Club
Local & Overseas Placement
One on One Interaction Session

Student Testimonials

What Abhishek says about Fitness Cravers: I have studied CPT course from FCA and now within 3 months I got the placement at a very good package.
Batch: Mar,19
What Prince Jain says about Fitness Cravers: I got to learn a lot from Personal Training course by FCA. They have talented & well experienced faculties and best infrastructure which fulfils all the requirements of 21st century Personal Training course.
Batch: Aug,19
What Kuldeep Dagar says about Fitness Cravers: I highly recommend CPT course by Fitness Cravers to those who wish to make their career as a Fitness trainer. This course covers all the essentials which at the end makes the student an experienced and knowledgeable trainer.
Batch: Aug,19
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