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Sports nutrition certification is the backbone of any workout plan. In fact, one can lose excessive fat and feel strong by simply following a customized diet plan

Sports nutrition certification is the backbone of any workout plan. In fact, one can lose excessive fat and feel strong by simply following a customized diet plan. Nutrition in Sports is a well-designed plan that allows active adults, bodybuilders and athletes to perform at their best. Many questions weigh on your mind for example:

  1. Is it important to not eat carbohydrates to lose weight?
  2. Is supplementation necessary to enhance performance of a sports person?
  3. Is ketogenic diet healthy and effective?
  4. Can eating extra protein build muscles?
  5. Is it true that eating several small meals in a day speed up losing fat?
  6. Are egg yolks bad for us?
  7. Is Coconut oil the healthiest oil?
  8. Does Fat-free yogurt contain heavy amount of sugar?
  9. Do we get high proteins in only non-vegetarian food products?
  10. Is different nutrition followed in variety of sports?

Nutrition is a broader term and a never-ending education. One has to keep on researching about different food products so that being a Sports Nutritionist in India you can recommend the right nutrition depending upon the history and assessment of an active individual, sedentary person or athletes.

Join Our Sports Nutrition Certification Course program and Become Certified Nutritionist in India.

If you obtain a Sports Nutrition Certification from Fitness Cravers Academy, you will be referred to as an Educated person who has sufficient knowledge of Balanced nutrition, Body metabolism, Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Hydration and Electrolytes related to exercises. You gain an understanding of body’s energy system used during exercise or at rest along with Nutritional & performance Supplementation. Studying Ketogenic & Paleo Diet, macronutrients in common foods and beverages and preparation of diet as per the goals of the Client will definitely make you unique in the present market. Moreover, one gets opportunities to prescribe diet plan to many active sportspersons, athletes and bodybuilders.

Just like a paracetamol tablet is not suitable to all bodies and a doctor has to change the medicine if one’s body system is allergic to it, similarly a Sports Nutritionist has to prescribe the diet depending upon the suitability of the client’s body system. It has to be modified if so needed.

If you acquire knowledge of Nutrition along with exercise, it will provide your clients with maximum results. Exercise without a good nutrition is like swimming against the tide or running after a mirage in a desert meaning it will never let you reach your goal.

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