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Rudra Rajput, Founder, Fitness Cravers is impulsively committed to bring revolution in fitness industry with his immense knowledge in this field and guiding people in reaching personal health and fitness goals.

He is an internationally certified instructor from Les Mills, New Zealand ,in addition to which, gained certified specialization in Master Trainer from Australian Institute of Fitness, Personal Trainer from ACE (American Council on Exercise) & Personal Trainer level 3 EQF from Ereps (Europe).

Because of his zeal in exploring fitness industry, he accomplished health club management from ASFA (American Sports and Fitness Association) and Level 8 certification of Fitness Excellence in Invictus Survival Sciences.

Rudra Rajput is a specialist in Commando training from Invictus Survival Sciences and in Civil Defence- Krav Naga. Nevertheless, being familiar with Samurai Sword (i.e. Katana) and Nunchaku fighting techniques, he was appointed as Combat Instructor for women’s self-defense in Haryana Police where he delivered professional knowledge of defense against knife, gun, hostage situation and street gangsters.

Parallel to his above achievements, Rudra Rajput has proved himself a successful Sports Nutritionist. He also received State and National gold medal in Boxing, State and National silver medal in Wushu and National silver medal in Taekwondo.