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Overview of Master Personal Trainer Course:

If You Apply for (MPT) Master Personal Trainer Certification Course, You will be designated as LEVEL 6 Master Personal Trainer.  You will also get Certification in Personal Training (CPT) complimentary. Once you are MPT certified, You gain in depth knowledge of prescribing special exercises to the client along with the skills of assistance given to them.

In addition, you will study various parts of Anatomy (bones and muscles), Physiology, Biomechanics, Energy systems and Nutrition to be applied to specific gender or client depending upon the outcome of the Assessment you would get and the goals a client is looking for.

Benefits of Our Master Personal Trainer Certification Course:

A Master Trainer keeps a thorough knowledge of Kinesiology to be applied in various compound & Isolation Exercises which has to be provided to the client for a specific goal to be achieved in an ethical manner. You will also inculcate various CrossFit exercises such as snatch, clean & jerk etc.

A Master Trainer trains people from various backgrounds such as doctors, lawyers, engineers and specially those who are dealing with high blood pressure, diabetes and back pain.

It becomes easy for you to pursue a Career in Power lifting movements ahead.

Remember, If a trainer is not educated in his/her field, the condition of the client might worsen as each and every exercise has a specific technique, reason and variation which has to be prescribed to the client depending upon the assessment done.

Enroll in Sports Nutrition Certification Course along with MPT Course. To Know Discounted Price, Click Here To Chat on Whatsapp

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USP of Master Personal Trainer Certification Program:

If you decide to be a part of Fitness Cravers Academy and Join our Master Personal Trainer (MPT) course, you will have the following benefits:

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Our Master Trainers are dedicated to provide you with Personal Attention during Practical Sessions so that you can present yourself as the most efficient Fitness Professionals in the market!

Career Opportunities with FCA Programs:

FCA aims at placing and has placed most of its students in different Physical Fitness & Education Sectors i.e.

  • Luxurious Hotels
  • Cruise Ships
  • Branded Gymnasiums
  • Wellness Centers
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Social and Government Organizations
  • Various Teaching Institutions including FCA as a Lecturer
  • Home Visits (on students’ request) or Freelancing Opportunities.

Placement Assistance in Different Sectors:

FCA Academy has a dedicated job portal facility for registered student of MPT (Master Personal Trainer) Level -6 Course. Once you become FCA Certified, it is our responsibility to keep a track on your career in relation to the jobs we can provide you with.

We have a service of providing job assistance for at least a full year but FCA stays in touch with its Certified students even after a year in order to provide them with the placements just in case they are not working!

Salary Packages Overview:

Prove yourself Efficient and Watch out a Growth in your Salary Packages!

There are Trainers working at a minimum salary of Rs.11,000/- to Rs.20,000/- per month but there is an addition of an income when “You Personally Train the Clients in Health Clubs or at Home.”

Personal Trainers earn between Rs.50,000/- to Rs. 2,00,000 per month including Incentives.  Can you believe that you can earn even higher than this! Do a little research and you will see wonders in Fitness Industry in terms of salary.

Key to Salary Growth:

  • A Prior Experience or Additional Credentials can easily boost a higher pay.
  • The amount of Time and Dedication that you put into your profession plays an important role in the earnings.
  • Skills and Knowledge of your Profession lead to increment in salaries very Fast.
  • The Certification from a Recognised Institute will definitely help in increasing the income potential. Remember, there are no high-profile gyms that employ non-certified staff.



Practical Concepts

Batch Schedule:

Weekday Batch:(2.5 Months)

Theory classes- 16 for 3 hours each

Practical sessions- 12 for 3 hours each

Total no. of classes- 28 (84 hours in total)

(Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday) – 10:30 am till 12:00 pm or 12:30 pm till 2:00 pm

Practical Timings- As applicable.

Weekend Batch: (3.5 Months)

Theory classes- 16 for 3 hours each

Practical sessions- 12 for 3 hours each

Total no. of classes- 28 (84 hours in total)

(Saturday & Sunday) – 10:30 am till 12:00 pm or 12:30 pm till 2:00 pm

Practical Timings- As applicable.

Note (*): Course duration will differ depending upon the nature of batch (weekday or weekend)

Examination & Certification:

Examination Procedure:

Online & Offline Theory examination (Academic & Third Party Assessment).
Practical examination (Academic & Third Party Assessment).
Marking of assignment submission and academic conduct.
Level 6 (Master Personal Trainer) Examination.

Certificates you will get:

Master Personal Trainer (MPT) (Level-6) Certificate by SPEFL-SC and Fitness Cravers Academy.
Level 5 Personal Trainer Certificate by Fitness Cravers Academy.


Yes, MPT course is for everyone including the general population. This initiative has been taken to minimize injuries by improving one’s ability to deliver or perform movements with correct technique in health clubs or at home and can pursue they carrier as a personal trainer in fitness industry. Fitness Cravers Academy has also introduced Sports Nutrition Certification Course (CSN), most suitable for general population as well as Fitness Enthusiasts who want to follow and guide correct clean nutrition to the society.

Though a Personal Trainer holds the knowledge of one-on-one training and can work as a personal trainer or a Freelancer, A Master Trainer has more in depth knowledge of Bio-mechanics, Functional exercises and Olympic movements. MPT Certification provides you an opportunity to work as a Lecturer with FCA & other Institutes.

FCA is different in providing the following unique benefits to the students:

If you decide to be a part of Fitness Cravers Academy and Join our Master Personal Trainer (MPT) course, you will have the following benefits:

Access to the Theory sessions in our Academy for 1 year after the successful completion of the course.
Student Online Job Portal.
Theory Batch of not more than 20 Students in order to provide Quality Education and Revision.
21 Theories of 3 hours each.
Practical Batch of 5 to 6 students with our Master Trainers in which every single student will be practicing each exercise until he or she achieves a correct movement pattern.
16 Practical Sessions of 3 hours each.
Focus on overall grooming i.e. Personality development, Good communication skills, Effective interactions, dressing sense, Sales enquiry handling etc.
Free Updation Classes every 6 months in order to keep FCA student updated with Recent Advances in Fitness Industry.
Flexible Fee Payment Options without any Interest including Education Loan Facility.
100% Job Placement Assistance from FCA.
Free FCA Accessories i.e. T-Shirt, Shaker, Bag & ID Card
Our Master Trainers are dedicated to provide you with Personal Attention during Practical Sessions so that you can present yourself as the most efficient Fitness Professionals in the market!
Discounted 3 Months membership of Rhinos Gym Malviya Nagar specially for FCA Students (ON Request).

Either a candidate should be SSC (10th) pass or have a minimum experience of 1 year in the relevant field.

There must be at least one of the above criteria fulfilled to enroll to join FCA Courses. By any chance if a student fails to fulfill the above eligibility criteria for enrollment, FCA will not give admission to such a candidate.

The Master Personal Trainer Course offered by Fitness Cravers Academy is subjected to be completed in 4 months for Weekend batch i.e. Saturday-Sunday Classes with time duration of 3 hours each and 3 months for Regular Batch i.e. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Classes with time duration of 3 hours each.

If any student wants to complete the Course in a duration shorter than 2 to 3 months, then upon request, there is special arrangement for the practical and theory classes to be conducted together on the same days which will fast track the course completion for you.

FCA makes sure that there should not be any Quality compromise in terms of teaching and training as every single topic taught in the class is related to the Interview Preparations for Job Placement, Ethical practices in Fitness Field, Earning a Higher Salary and Teaching Clients the Correct Execution of Exercises based on Recent Researches.

FCA has a Practical Lab or Gym Floor equipped with all the necessary equipment to teach and train students various forms of exercises with correct biomechanical analysis.

Yes, Students can avail the gym facility with Special Discounted Membership Fees For 3 Months. To Know more Call @ 9650476019 

Why Not? That is why FCA is committed to develop an overall Personality of its Students along with the communication so that its students can teach and train in most efficient manner. You will be given Role Play on Gym Floor so that you can show through your Acting skills as to how you are going to deal with a client and this is not done just once or twice, but multiple times till you prove yourself efficient!

Yes. FCA teaches and trains its students in online, offline and blended options.

Definitely Yes! In fact, if you get FCA Certification, the doors to all branded Health clubs and in other sectors easily open as there is no monopoly!

This Course will make you enough Knowledgeable to choose the Right Equipment for your gym, see if your trainers are ethically dealing with the clients while training with the correct techniques, maintaining the hygiene, creating a sales strategy, choosing the right location for your business etc.

You can work on the basis of certificate in MPT (Master Personal Trainer) if you complete the immigration process or get a work visa on your own. Fitness Cravers Academy doesn’t provide any immigration process or work visa facility.

Wish to know more about admissions and updates? Contact us!

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