Trainers! Stop Purchasing Certificates Instead Get Certified!

Trainers! Stop Purchasing Certificates Instead Get Certified!

In the new air of Fitness Industry where Gyms and Fitness Centres have kept the Certification Criteria mandatory for Fitness Trainers, have been seen running behind Purchasing or Attaining the certificates without attending the classes, grabbing knowledge in the relative field or showing any seriousness towards their Career.

Trainers forget that they have to work with the Human Body which is related to the Medical and Paramedical field. Without studying Human Anatomy and Physiology, they are more into obtaining Certificates just to Show them Certified in the Market. Trainers with the Purchased Certificates are the main cause of Injuries and Demotivation to the Clients. Some Institutions sell Certificates knowingly that Fitness Trainers would be glad to buy certificates at any cost they would quote.

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Trainers Stop Buying Certificates Without Knowledge

In such a case, the overall Grooming I.e. Personality development, Good communication skills, Effective interactions, dressing sense are known to be Dead in the Trainers. Trainers have to deal with people from different fields like law, journalism, business, politics and even the doctors. Thus, carrying the attitude and maintaining a good body language is always a primary thing a Trainer should work on.

When it comes to an Interview, they are lacking in effective presentations and hence end up earning handful of amount. Getting through the Academic exams is not “The Big and the Last”; thing but such they actually ruin the reputation of the Academies they boast to be a part of. This is not solely the story of Fitness Trainers, Common man is busy Practicing such an act in his/her Respective field.

Understand the Importance of the words, “The Gym Trainer” or ” The Personal Trainer” or “ The Fitness Trainer”!

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This Blog Written By Dr. Priyanka Jain 

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