Welcome Demotivation - When You Say “No” To Personal Training in Gym

Welcome Demotivation – When You Say “No” To Personal Training in Gym

Welcome Demotivation When you Say No To Personal Training – Everything seems to be Blurry with the above Title, but it’s not. Let us clear the picture by disclosing the Real scenarios happening even in the Big branded gyms.

Welcome Demotivation

The moment You step into the gym; you are being targeted for the Personal Training. For first few days you will be trained by the Gym trainers with the best possible care and supervision. But As days keep passing and they realize that you were not there to buy a Personal Training Package, Then that’s the moment you might be left alone with the Complicated Technical Gym machines or You would feel Trapped in the Demotivating Environment. Want to Become a Gym Trainer Or Fitness Trainer in 2022 Then Enroll In Gym Trainer Course

In many Quality gyms, it has been seen that Trainers approach a new client for 1 or 2 days Trial, which is actually a nice concept because client has a clear picture in his/her mind that the Gym Trainer would not continue Personal Training after 2 days until he/she buys a Personal Training Package.

But it is sad that in many Gyms, client is treated very nicely and professionally in the beginning but after few days (Depending on authority’s mood), trainer will start ignoring the client leaving him/her feeling offended and then it welcome demotivation.

If we talk about the training part, Many Trainers generally ask the client to workout with 2kg dumbbell if he or she looks lean and on the other hand Such Trainers would also want the same client to reach a full squat position by himself/herself on a Hack Squat machine which is really funny and so confusing.

Trainers should actually learn the skills to unlock the potential of a client and keep motivating him/her. Unethical practices are taking place in some of the Health centers where in the name of personal training, Trainers are providing exercise session to 2 clients at a time which seems to be a Group class and of course not a Personal Training Class.

Fitness Cravers Academy works on building a Smart individual who should focus on Gym Ethics, increase the strength and endurance of the people regardless of the body type, build rapport and understand the comfort level of a client in order to establish a Name in Fitness Industry!

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