Mesomorph Body Type Workout & Diet Plan

Mesomorph Body Type Workout & Diet Plan

A Personal trainer can give his best in designing training and nutritional plans for his or her client when he knows the client’s body type. For this, he must know the body types that exist and in this blog you will gain a deep insight of all the body types especially mesomorph. This blog will focus mainly on mesomorph body type exercises and the diet they must follow.


Different Body Types

There are different body types that exist such mesomorph, ectomorph, and endomorph however, you may find more than 1 body type characteristics in a single client. Lets have a look:

Mesomorphs: People possessing mesomorph body type generally have & “V” shape torso and it is comparatively easy for them to gain muscle mass. Moreover they have fast metabolism.

Ectomorphs: People having mesomorph body type generally have a tall and lanky body shape and they face difficulty putting on weight as they have a high metabolism.

Endomorphs: Individuals with endomorph body type have pear-shaped body, they have a higher body fat percentage as they are more prone to store fat. Various body types respond to different styles of training and nutrition depending upon respective goal whether it is gaining muscles or losing fat. Hence one must know the body type to apply the best of knowledge for optimum results.

Mesomorph : Clients having a mesomorph body type generally have medium build. This body type presents with broad shoulders and a narrow waist.  This is not incorrect to say that if bodybuilders had the option to choose a body type, then definitely it would be “Mesomorph”. The reason behind this is an even weight distribution and muscular and aesthetic look. Mesomorphs have the genetic ability to put on muscle mass easily. This also helps them to maintain lower body fat percentage. If we say that they don’t face any serious problems in gaining and losing weight, we must keep in mind that their diet is also crucial playing a pivotal role. Its their diet that helps them to achieve their goals of losing fat mass and gaining muscle mass. This type of frame is advantageous when one is looking to gain and have a bigger frame but it becomes problematic when such a person wants to have a thin and leaner look.

Nutrition and cardiovascular training are two training elements to which a mesomorph body type clients need to rely on. Let’s dive deep into the best training plan and macros and micros intake for the mesomorph body type.

Training Techniques For Mesomorph Body Type

Mesomorphs are genetically blessed for gaining muscle mass. It clearly states that strength training, diet and cardiorespiratory training are very crucial for those who look forward to stay lean or lose fat. In order to improve and stay in ideal body composition it is a priority to include timely scheduled cardio sessions, nutrition intake as per macro requirement specially protein as it aids in avoiding unnecessary fat gain.
They must perform 3 low intensity steady-state cardio sessions each week. Sessions should last for 30-45 minutes maximum to avoid injuries and overtraining. If someone performs HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) then the intensity should be low allowing efficient fat loss. A trainer must aim for efficient muscle mass gaining and losing fat.

Muscle gain is directly related to weight lifting or strength training. It is the core essential part. As mesomorphs have strong and athletic body, they need heavy weight lifting with minimum rest. You can go with 5 resistance training sessions 5 times in a week focusing on each muscle group. Here weight training includes intensity from moderate to heavy aiming for 8-12 repetitions. With minimum four exercises, the rest period of 60-90 seconds is ideal. This is the optimal training method for muscle growth and fat loss!

Optimal Diet For Mesomorph

Mesomorph Body Type Workout & Diet Plan

This is true that you have no control on your body type. Every body type his or her own defined bone structure or frame. People think that following a certain training and diet plan will help them to alter their body type but this is not true. You can only adapt to a particular training and diet plan in order to improve the existing body composition.

Protein sources such as eggs, meat, fish, dairy products and yogurt are important for a mesomorph for muscle gain. Fruits and vegetables can also be an add on. Carbohydrate intake to look lean and thin such as brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, and potatoes is usually lower than those who want to gain. To achieve a lean appearance or weight loss, you must increase protein intake to make up for the difference in nutrients. Healthy fat sources are just as important. Choose fat sources in balanced quantities. These include coconut oil, rice bran oil, avocado, nuts, and seeds etc.


It is clear that different type of body frames need various types of training and diet plans hence knowing client’s body type is very crucial to achieve the results. Strength or heavy training is also very important for muscle hypertrophy. It is applicable for those who want to lose weight because muscle hypertrophy in turn leads to reduction in body fat percentage. A Personal Trainer has to adjust protein and carbs accordingly. If you love science and want to train yourself as well as people around you, be sure to check out Fitness Cravers Academy’s ISSA Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Course , Bodybuilding Specialist Certification , Master in Personal Training Course (MPT) , Sports Nutrition Certification Course (CSN) , etc. You’ll learn how to master the tools and techniques to shape your clients’ bodies.

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